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Dr. shoes three strategies to teach you how to identify genuine and fake Nike shoes & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2015-03-12 15:33:27 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [source: the library name shoes] Print & nbsp; Close [Chinese shoes Network - Nike shoes and life] swept the world as one brand sports shoes, Nike shoes are imitation is very rampant, because the next line of Nike shoes are generally less discount entity store, expensive, different Local discount the intensity is different, the procurement of goods is different, so many consumers prefer to buy online. I encountered a problem, how to identify genuine and fake Nike shoes. That exactly how to identify genuine and fake Nike shoes do, a lot of Nike foundries, there are China's Dongguan, Kunshan, Putian, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, although the origin is not the same, but the quality is almost all the same; but different price Nike shoes , quality may vary greatly. Here to teach you the recipe for how to identify genuine and fake Nike shoes, like Nike shoes want to help fans. The first way: one to one ratio of The most scientific way is to carry out a shoe than a comparison, seeing is believing. will buy Nike shoes and Nike with Num styles (same style, same color) is one of the comparison, such as non-discriminatory, it must be genuine. If t cheap jordans for sale here are still nuances may further comparison, because this may be because the nuances of different origin (different plants) and normal differences between different batches of the year, may be the same number, but it may slightly when the material reproduction of the following year adjustment; If you still have doubts, you can make the brand the company confirmed. In the case could not find the same style, the same paragraph with Nike compare different color. The key is to look at the sole difference, if the sole, the basic can be judged as genuine. Because of the difficulty the sole development of the largest, often accounting for more than one-third of the total cost of the shoes, fakes to do the same with the genuine quality, the cost is too high. Note that if you are through the Internet to view the official website of the picture and style than fashion, it is possible because when shooting light and other factors material color. The second way: counter-validation The net purchase of Nike shoes, Nike counters to get the lower line shops were true and false identification, there are three issues, namely, not purchased from the store, the clerk has no obligation to help the non-customer authenticity; the second is often clerk Online shopping has greater resentment, if not an acquaintance, usually deal with the matter; the third is now the store's clerk mobility, cheap air jordans a lot of new professional staff and not enough in itself, but Nike launched thousands each year, a shop purchases and sales of Nike styles very limited, the clerk did not understand some of a commodity is also normal. Seen in this light, the inspection counter may not be 100% reliable. If you really want to Nike store or counter inspection, it is recommended: First, he found the same style than serious, I believe their vision; the second is that if you want to ask, do not say it is online shopping, do not disclose the price, to avoid staff motivation frustrated. Third, ask true and false judgment basis, and then judge for themselves accuracy. The third way: the identification submitted by the retailer Nike In general, the company will not be accepted genuine brand identification to apply for individual consumers, the relevant state authorities can not be verified. If you are a brand of shoes purchased online, in the case of the above-mentioned identification methods are still unable to determine, you can contact customer service staff, well after the shoes unique mark express mail, the merchant determines that the shoes by after sales, through official and Nike communicate directly, according to the formal process of official identification. Tip: Currently the most widely circulated on the network designer shoes authenticity identification method, identificatio cheap air jordans online n method is standard shoes. In fact, shoes standard differential alone is not strict. First, the subject of imitation shoes cost extremely low, when large-scale production of less than 1 cents; secondly, the same brand, even if the style is authentic, because different origin, different plants, different batches, there may be subtle differences in the underlying shoes ; Third, some of the letters and lines to the differences between the level of hasty, different styles, different plants and different production periods, often adjust shoes standard size based on the shoes, leading to subtle changes in character pitch. Therefore, we in the identification of the authenticity of the online shopping designer shoes, not simply by virtue of shoes standard to judge. Everyone understood that the gap between true and false larger shoes, many shoes lovers or "experts" got some identification, "tricks", but Nike, Adidas and other brands and production processes are dynamic changes, there is no universal magic. Internet often can see all kinds of brands of shoes to identify the authenticity of the article, as users of personal opinion, it is recommended when viewing, refer to the above method to identify, not directly as the final criterion. (Media Partner: True Australian Kangaroo Leather & nbsp; m Nick Mount Hee shoes) Related news since its inception in 1997, the air hawk Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale flight did not experience any any engraved, but such a situation in the year will be broken, both prior to and FoamPosite Pro "Pearl" series of sale of news, or even earlier in complex carved rumors indicate air hawk flight will return; and overwhelmed, the Internet also has released a preview of the part of the first year of the color, not surprisingly, in the later this year is taken to the threshing ground, please look forward to. Source: NikeBlogAlthough Nicks is not too strong, but the Zen master Jackson to join, I believe in the next year will let the opponent sit up and take notice. This time, Adidas's Crazy Light 3 Low classic shoes for the design blueprint, making the two feel the characteristics of the new knicks. The shoe body large orange royal blue and white collocation of decorative details, plus the original low to help design, this Crazy Light 3 Low is very suitable for use in the summer. light3d.jpg (246.63 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-6 15:16 upload light3b.jpg (247.92 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-6 15:16 upload light3a.jpg (256.34 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-6 15:16 upload light3.jpg (240.91 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-6 15:15 upload light3c.jpg (227.52 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-6 15:16 Adidas Crazy Light upload, 3, Knicks, 00 NicksNike Basketball for Erwin Kaili to b foamposites for cheap uild the first signature boots Kyrie 1 naturally will not miss the Easter event, this time the official has released a new Easter special edition. The shoe body made of purple color, flanking Swoosh by silver trim, and inside in the end by the red building. item: 705277-508 release date: April 2ndPrice: kyrie-1-easter-unveiled-3.jpg (82.79 KB, download number: 3) download Nike Kyrie 1 Easter officially released 2015-3-18 10:16 upload kyrie-1-easter-unveiled-4.jpg (80.17 KB, download number: 12) download Nike Kyrie 1 Easter officially released 2015-3-18 10:16 upload kyrie-1-easter-unveiled-5.jpg (74.54 KB, download number: 12) download Nike Kyrie 1 Easter officially released 2015-3-18 10:16 upload kyrie-1-easter-unveiled-1.jpg (76.87 KB, download number: 12) download Nike Kyrie 1 Easter officially released 2015-3-18 10:16 upload kyrie-1-easter-unveiled-2.jpg (76.87 KB, download number: 9) download Nike Kyrie 1 Easter officially released 2015-3-18 10:16 upload kyrie-1-easter-unveiled-6.jpg (83.8 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Kyrie 1 Easter officially released 20Play Cloths x Saucony Shadow 5000 brand new joint series to appreciate 2013-12-08 23:17:24Early this year sports shoes brand Saucony Pharrell Williams successfully together popular fashion people are in charge of the street brand Play Cloths, launched two very shiny me cheap foamposites tal Shadow 5000 "Precious Metals" series, and then get a good response, the two sides again near DEDECATES to bring us the new season the joint series. The joint is still a selected object Shadow 5000, while the design inspiration is playing candy colors, and the use of special cotton material to create a shoe body, very special. Five star pattern and toe hollow feeling and lining on the insole details of the design but also for the series considerably. It is reported that this series will be limited sale next week. "coconut darling" - adidas Yeezy 750 Boost "Black" 2015-12-18 11:48:51 of balloting with the first few days of Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost "Black" purchase registration activities began, tens of thousands of people on the registration page to leave their own name, and hope that they can become one of the people in the ballot, Xiao Bian himself is also true. However, everything has come to the end today, ---209 people enjoy the qualifications to buy, the official website will also be published in the list of winners, 209 lucky names are impressively listed, I believe you see, will be excited to jump up! (list of winners) name, cell phone number, ID number Ann Li 185****31364206****0021 Annikki 137****41871101****5211 Cai Wangsong 158****65691311****3213 Cao Huan 187****05193403****0850 Cao Jiang Le 185****91941101****6119 Cao Shuai 186****64692112****103x Cao Yunqi 139****14461504****1713& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Trade and Industry officials are checking seized counterfeit Nike shoes. 7 o'clock yesterday morning, the Haidian Branch Trade and Industry Branch joint trademark Manjuji police station, Purple Bamboo Industry and Commerce and other departments, to the zoo CCAC market and Guangyuan building three underground warehouse raided and seized counterfeit Adidas, Nike, Jordan sneakers Total 20,862 pairs, the estimated value of the case, more than 12 million yuan. Police investigators said it was the biggest case in recent years, along with selling the Haidian police investigation. The case has been transferred to the police, the merchant Wang has been under criminal detention. you drill a look sure that Nike LeBron is not this before we see the 9 Low Liverpool special edition? In fact, this just seems thin from the Liverpool version of the color scheme, the Nike LeBron 9 Low the overall use of the red shoes, the waist line, the tongue of James's signature Swoosh, AIR MAX and periphery of the sole use of the green color is still retained, but with the heel before Liverpool club team emblem is replaced by LBJ, and the crystal is printed on the bottom 18 Premier League champions Liverpool club has also been completely cut. So from this point of view, this paragraph can be described as "Nike LeBron 9 Low special edition of a simplified edition", so this sale of the possibility of great, let us wait and see! 2012-7-1 08:17 upload download attachment (120.13, KB) was originally released on 2000 by Presto can be regarded as the sports brand owned by Nike, one of the most famous shoes, because Nike has good quality, will also use the latest technology in the last year, create a Lunar Presto style. Following the previous color, the Lunar Presto with black mesh material composed of a shoe body, with orange and blue decorations, and equipped with Lunar and Flywire Nike are proud of these technology, continue to bring the "paste to feel like wearing socks as comfortable". Currently, the shoes have been purchased through the Kith online store, priced at $100 U.S. dollars.Video: Wade invites you to participate in the WOW · shoes; I show global sneaker design contest hey, guys! I'm sorry I can't come to see you last summer, but the summer of 2015 I came back. This time, I hope we can do something different. I need all of you, help me to design a shoe, a is of extraordinary significance of brand Wade shoes, I hope everyone can participate in, everyone can enthusiasm, I can't wait to want to see your results. Now the domestic players can log on the official website of overseas competition, players can be sent to the specified mailbox of the works. Dwayne Wade, the pro election champion 1, Lining brand will be available for mass production of his works, more intimate interaction with Wade! The results published in May 4, 2015. search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop! source: Lining basketballTens of thousands of fans are expected to return to Kobe earlier, Nike also hope to be able to see the year equal to anything of Peter Pan again. The surprisingly high Nike Kobe 9 Elite to make a lot of Comet quite helpless, and followed by Nike Kobe 9 EM is expected to once again let everyone. The Nike again to the black Python inspiration for the design of Nike Kobe 9 EM Black Python to create a new color. Purple shoes with black purple stripes decoration, collocation of white midsole, yellow dotted line and the details of dynamic flying insoles. Yet the exposure specific release information, please continue to focus on new information. nike-kobe-9-em-black-python-2.jpg (229.34 KB, download number: 27) download 2014-4-6 10:13 Nike Kobe upload 9 EM, Black Python, black Python 00PUMA-Fall-Winter-2014-Disc-Blaze-08.jpg (87.31 KB, download number: 1) download 2014-2-13 17:29 upload